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Event Diary!

Turns out that different events are forgotten quite quickly which were even a month ago. This could be a good opportunity to provoke a small diary of the brightest moments of our daily lives!

National All breed show (CAC)  Reto Winner 2019 and Reto Trophy 2019


20.04. and on 21.04.2019 we participated in the CAC Dog show in Kekava, Latvia.
Great results for NOX-POLI DAEDALIAN DAN (Alex).
Thanks a lot to handler Kristine Dovane!

20.04.2019 -exc., CQ, Reto Winner'19, BM1, BOB
in Judge: Siarhei Zaretski (BLR)

21.04.2019 - exc., CQ, BM1, BOO
Judge: Marina Tihomirova (RUS)

Visiting puppies in Tallin (Estonia). Father -NOX-POLI DAEDALIAN DAN (Alex) and mother - KENVENTAKI FAYETTE CARUSOE'S!


Hiphip Hurray, wonderful babies from beautiful parents were born on February 12, 2019!

We went to visit our Alex's newborns in Tallinn for the second time. For the first time, we saw babies when they were only 4 weeks old. This time babies were already 6 weeks old and quite bigger and stronger. A total of 6 babies were born (2 girls and 4 boys). I have to say that babies are very beautiful and unequivoca have eyes of father. Dark black, small coals! All they were active, playfull and very lovely. Almost packed one for ourselves to home :)
More information about litter you can find here and more photos here!

CACIB dog show PETEXPO 2019 in Riga at the end of March


We were very surprised to see that our little star NOX - POLI DAEDALIAN DAN (Alex) is on the cover of the catalog.

23.03.2019 in intermediate class - exc.1, CQ, BM 4
Judge Maria Ceccarelli (IT)

24.03.2019 in intermediate class - exc.1, CQ, BM 4
Judge Nordahl Geir Pedersen (NL)

Thanks a lot to handler Veronika Veljaninova

Calendar of the Latvian Cynology Federation for year 2019


It was such an unexpected suprise to find out our boy's picture is included in official calendar of the Latvian Cynology Federation for year 2019. 
Well done Alex boy!

Valga (Valga National Dog Shows 2019, CAC), 02.02. - 03.02.2019.

Two fun exhibition days in Valga.
I must say that if you plan and do everything in right time then there is no problem to find parking place. Weather wasn't on our side - it was snowing, raining and everything was melting. We had to move smart so Alex didn't get totally wet and dirty. 

First day. Judge: Bernard Ong (Singapore). Handler Kristīne Dovāne.
Nox-Poli Daedalian Dan - ex.1 in intermedia class, Best male 2, CAC, Estonian Champion

Second day. judge: Regina Blessing (Germany). 
Nox-Poli Daedalian Dan - ex.1 in intermedia class.